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The Landbird website for the CWE was designed and created by Connie Smith. Some of the photographs used on the site were contributed by researchers and volunteers who have conducted research on landbirds at the CWE, including Sam Quinlan and Veronique Connolly. We apologize to anyone that we may have left out.

We also are indebted to several photographers from outside the CWE who have kindly allowed us to use their photographs of birds to add visual appeal to our website:

  • Tim Avery for two American Dippers, and the amazing photo of a Yellow Warbler feeding a Cowbird fledgling
  • Larry Barnes (from the Sage Brush Bird Conservation Network) for Brewer's Sparrow shots
  • John Blackmer of the Riverbend Nature Center for the male and female Yellow Warblers
  • Don DesJardin for the singing Brewer's Sparrow
  • Tom Grey for a Brewer's and a Vesper's Sparrow
  • Chad King for his brood of baby Barn Owls
  • David Lev for his regal Barn Owl perched in a tree
  • Bryan Olesen for a Barn Owl
  • Tom Middleton for American Dipper shots
  • George Palagian for the Yellow Warbler on our banner
  • J. Ken Quong for a Yellow Warbler
  • Dave Rintoul for the cute male Yellow Warbler
  • Glen Seplak for the Barn Owl in flight
  • Dan Sutton for his angry Barn Owl
  • Peter Weber for a Vesper's Sparrow
  • Brian Zweibel for the singing Western Meadowlark

If you have questions, comments or complaints about the website please contact Connie Smith.