Dr. Parveen N.S. Bawa



M.Sc. Physics 
Ph.D. Biophysics (University of Alberta)

Phone: (778) 782-3576
Fax: (778) 782-3040 


The overall objectives of our research are to understand integration of neural information in mammalian spinal cord using both experimental and modelling studies. At present all experimental work is performed on human subjects. The behaviour of single cells and neuronal circuitry is interpreted from analysis of EMG and single motor unit recordings. The inputs to the spinal cord are produced from electrical stimulation of the peripheral nerves, or transcranial magnetic stimulation of the cortex. With these facilities, research questions can also be aimed at pathological states, rehabilitation and exercise. Questions on mechanisms cannot always be answered with animal or human experiments. Analytical models are helpful in such situations. Models not only answer questions but also make predictions which can be tested with experiments. At present our single cell and neural network models are based on physiological data available from the literature on cat, monkey and human experiments. The laboratory has all the necessary facilities for experimental and modelling work.

Recent Publications (*students, ** PDFs ):

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