The architecture of the C. elegans brain - Hutter laboratory

Interdisciplinary Certificate in Neuroscience

The Departments of Biological SciencesBiomedical Physiology and KinesiologyLinguistics, Molecular Biology and BiochemistryPsychology and the Faculty of Health Sciences have established the MSc-level Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience. 

The certificate is designed to recognize demonstrated neuroscience expertise in the context of a program of study at SFU.

The neuroscience certificate will expose students to the broad spectrum of neuroscience courses and research conducted throughout SFU leading to increased opportunities for interdisciplinary research within the field of neuroscience.

Students earning the certificate will be better situated to join the international neuroscience research community.

To enroll in the certificate program, you must be a Master's student at Simon Fraser.

Then by contacting one of the certificate coordinators, you can enroll in the neuroscience certificate.