Justin Detlor: Mapping age-based performance progression in Olympic Sport: Age Curve Methodology

October 08, 2019

Date: Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

Time: 2:30pm 

Location: BPK Seminar Room (SCK9624)

Host: Dr. Dave Clarke

Affiliation: Manager of the Sports Analytics Team at Canadian Tire

Title: Mapping age-based performance progression in Olympic Sport: Age Curve Methodology

Abstract: This talk will focus on the background and development of our age-curve methodology.  These models estimate the general age-based rate of improvement progression over a competition career.  In addition, these models provide evidence of the peak age of performance for specific disciplines.  Details on development, curation and analysis of the dataset will be presented, moving into presentation of the statistical models used.  Specific examples of application within Canadian Olympic Sport organizations will be highlighted.  The talk will close by presenting some current challenges and future work.

 Justin Detlor is manager of the Sports Analytics team at Canadian Tire.  He oversees the development and implementation of new analytical methodologies to assist Own the Podium and Sport Organizations in making data-driven decisions.  Justin played a founding role in building the Sports Analytics team at the formation of the partnership between Own the Podium and Canadian Tire in 2015.

Justin joined the Credit Risk division at Canadian Tire as a Senior Analyst in 2011.  Prior to joining Canadian Tire, he spent three years as a biostatistician in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on clinical trial design.  Justin began his career in the finance industry, joining Compliance and Internal Audit with Wells Fargo Financial Canada.

Justin holds a Master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Guelph.