Dr. Josephine Anthony 

Email: janthony@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Human Anatomy, Histology, Neuromuscular Anatomy 

Stephen Brown  

Email: sbrown@sfu.ca


Dr. Tom Calvert (Joint Appt with Cmpt, Ensc and Kines) 

Email: tom@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Human figure animation (dance) and human computer interaction

Dr. Allan Davison 

Email: adavison@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Biochemistry, oxygen and antioxidant vitamins

Dr. David Goodman

Email: goodman@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Motor control and learning

Dr. Christine MacKenzie
Human Motor Systems Lab

Email: christine_mackenzie@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Motor control, human skills, human-computer interaction, laparoscopic surgery, expression and music performance


Dr. James Morrison 

Email: jmorriso@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Bioengineering and environmental ergonomics


Dr. Hal Weinberg 

Email: hweinber@sfu.ca 

Research Interests: Electrophysiology of information processing and complex behaviour

Craig Asmundson 

Email: rasmunds@sfu.ca


Dr. Parveen Bawa
Neurophysiology Lab

Email: bawa@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Neuroscience, spinal cord, reflexes, motoneuron

Dr. Will Cupples

Email: wcupples@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Renal autoregulation and hypertensive renal disease

Dr. John Dickinson 

Email: johnlizatmb@hotmail.com

Research Interests: Motor learning and human factors

Dr. Donald G. Hedges

Email: doctordon@shaw.ca


Dr. Ron Marteniuk

Email: ron_marteniuk@sfu.ca

Research Interests: Motor control, motor learning and interlimb coordination                                   


Dr. William Ross 

Phone: (604) 531-5049

Email: rosscraft@shaw.ca 

Research Interests: Kinanthropometry

Dr. Richard Ward

Email: richard_ward@sfu.ca