Continuance GPA

Do I need to maintain a specific GPA to remain in a BPK program?

After a student has completed 24 credits, a Science cumulative grade point average (SCGPA) of not less than 2.20 is required for continuance in the major.  This applies for all students admitted Summer 2013 - Summer 2017.  

As of Fall 2017, i.e. for those students approved in their major in the Fall of 2017 onwards, the continuance SCGPA will be 2.5. 

Students, whose Science CGPA falls below 2.20 or 2.50, will be sent a warning letter and if in subsequent terms the Science CGPA is less than 2.20, these students shall be withdrawn from the BIF or KIN Major.

Students who have completed 90 or more units and whose Science CGPA fall below a 2.20 or 2.50 but are at a minimum of 2.00 will be allowed to complete their Biomedical Physiology or Kinesiology major. Students must achieve a minimum of a C- grade in all required courses.

Behavioural Neuroscience majors have a different continuance GPA and should refer to the information in the Academic Calendar

Can I re-apply to a BPK Program after I've been withdrawn?

If you have been withdrawn for not meeting the continuance GPA and wanted to be re-admitted into one of our 3 majors, you would need to meet the competitive approval GPA to do an internal transfer.

The BPK department would assess the core BPK and Science courses you have completed to date; the total GPA for these core courses would need to meet the same competitive GPA standards that new internal applicants are required to meet. For the last few years, the minimum competitive approval GPA has been 2.7.

How do I improve my GPA to re-apply for the program?

It will be up to you to determine which courses to either take and/or repeat to meet the approval GPA in this scenario. Please note that the number of courses which you may repeat in a degree program is limited to five; the number of times you may repeat a course is once. You must take the SFU Repeat Policy into account when deciding how best to meet the approval GPA.

You are advised to meet with the BPK advisor, if you have any questions about re-competing.

Would I still be eligible for reserved seating?

If you have been withdrawn from a BPK major, then you are not eligible for seat reservations. However, like other non-BPK students, if you meet the prerequisites for a BPK course, you may waitlist yourself for courses until the open enrolment period. If there is space in the class, students from the waitlist may be added to the course.  This does not apply to 300 and 400 level BPK courses that will remain reserved.

What happens if I am not able to meet the competitive GPA to be re-admitted to one of these majors?

You are welcome to book an appointment with the BPK advisor to discuss alternative program options.