Left: 'Ils gidee, Primrose Adams. Right: "Nanaay" by Tyson Brown.


That Which Makes Us Haida: The Haida Language

March 28, 2012

That which makes us Haida: the Haida Language celebrates the last remaining fluent speakers of the Haida language and explores the three remaining dialects found in Alaska, Old Massett and Skidegate through portraits and audio interviews with the last fluent speakers in these communities.

Presented by the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay and seven years in the making, this exhibition honours the Haida language and the last fluent speakers who've dedicated their lives to its survival. Stunning portraits by photographer Farah Nosh connect the viewer with each elder on a very intimate level.

Curated by Jusquan, Amanda Bedard and Jisgang, Nika Collison in collaboration with the language programs of Alaska and Haida Gwaii, the exhibition aims to inspire critical thinking around what a language is, what it means to a people, and ultimately, why people cannot let the Haida language die.

That which makes us Haida: The Haida Language
Running from March 29, 2012 - September 9, 2012
Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art
639 Hornby Street, Vancouver

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