Welcome Dr. Aynur Kadir

March 01, 2019


Congratulations to Dr. Aynur Kadir, who has been working in her new position as a MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral Scholar and Visiting Media Curator at the Bill Reid Gallery of North West Coast Art. Her MITACS fellowship is supported by the Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Studies and the Making Culture Lab at SFU, where she is supervised by Kate Hennessy. In her work as a Visiting Media Curator, Dr. Kadir is producing documentary films with SFU students for upcoming exhibitions at the Bill Reid Gallery and for SFU’s Bill Reid Centre. She is also researching the use of new media in galleries, archives, and museums.

Dr. Kadir is an ethnographic filmmaker who works with Uyghur communities in northwest China and First Nations communities in the Pacific Northwest to develop digital media that documents, manages, safeguards, and represents indigenous cultural heritage. Her research explores how different new media such as documentaries (both traditional and interactive), digital archive databases, virtual museums and interactive museum technologies could be designed with a participatory methodology in order to preserve and facilitate access to traditional knowledge and cultural heritage.  

In her video and multimedia work, she deploys community-based methodologies to address Indigenous representation, ethics, authenticity and cultural property issues from the community perspective. She is teaching classes on videography, photography and multi-media design at SIAT, and is also an active board member in the Society for Visual Anthropology.