Our Goal



The goals of the Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Studies are to (1) encourage community and academic conversations regarding the visual culture of Northwest Coast First Nations, and (2) promote public understanding and respect for the First Nations of the Northwest Coast past and present.

Charles Edenshaw Memorial by Robert Davidson, Masset. Photo © G. MacDonald, 1980.

The premise of this website is the refinement and sharing of knowledge about these remarkable communities, their arts, and the recognition of the cultural achievements underlying them. It is our hope that the content we post will aid in the development and education of new generations both inside and beyond those communities that have survived the past two hundred years of cultural trauma.

As such, the historic and contemporary material the Centre presents should be seen as a starting point for an ongoing dialogue. We recognize that there are various interpretations of the works and events that are portrayed on this site and we endeavor to present as robust a body of knowledge as possible. We cannot do this without your participation. We therefore encourage those with additional information to contact us here or on Facebook.