Tracy Williams (Squamish) explores land sovereignty by experimenting with plant, animal, and mineral components and employing them in her cedar weavings. 
Aaron Nelson Moody (Squamish) invokes family knowledge of traditional copper use and combines it with contemporary techniques. 
lessLIE (Cowichan, Penelakut and Esquimault) focuses on enlarged Salish design elements to magnify issues of identity and colonialism. 
Marvin Oliver (Quinault / Isleta Pueblo) is an innovator in contemporary glass work and embeds symbolic knowledge in glass Spirit Boards. 
Roxanne Charles (Semiahmoo) is a fibre artist, who frequently incorporates live performance to engage the public in contemporary issues. 
Ronnie Dean Harris aka Ostwelve (Sto:lo / St'├ít'imc) will use multimedia to explore traditional Salish territory within the urban environment.