Monumental Art of Gitanmaxx

Photograph by G.T. Emmons, 1909.

Language Group or Village

1. The Pole of Sanaws.

The top 25 feet of the pole is plain, followed by two large Eagles, one above the other, at the bottom.

Photograph on the left by H.I. Smith, 1915.
Photograph on the right, unknown photographer and year.

2. The Standing-Bear Pole of Spawrh.

This pole consists of a short section of plain pole, followed by a head of a Grizzly Bear at the top, with three large complete Grizzly Bears sitting erect along the pole to the bottom.

Photograph and detail of photograph by H.I. Smith, 1915.

3. Place-of-Climbing or Place-Where-Bears-Cool-Off totem pole of Kwawhadaq.

There is a plain section at the top of the pole followed by a Wolf-Cut-in-half with its head down and ribs painted in black. Then there are two Black-Bears with their two cubs climbing around the pole with Shadow-of-Trees painted in black between the two bears (shown as two parallel lines and three enclosing circles).

Photograph on the left by G.T. Emmons, 1909.
Photograph on the right by H.I. Smith, 1925.

4. Nose-like-Cohoe Pole of Gitemraldo.

The top of the pole is a section of plain square shaft, followed by the Corpse-Split-in-Two, Nose-like-Cohoe with the frog crest on his forehead, and then the Man-of-the-Wilds or Bush-Man with a small frog in his hands. At the bottom of the pole are the Small-Children or Lying-Outwards-in-Water, and then Half-Way-Out or Man-of-the Wilds.

Photographs by G.T. Emmons, 1909.
Photograph by G.T. Emmons, ca. 1910.

5. Pole of Lutkudzeeus II.

At the top of the pole is the name Ha’tu with the Woodpecker underneath. Next there is a Whole-Person, a Frog-between-Two-Sticks or Flying-Frog, the Eagle, and at the bottom of the pole is an uncarved section with an Eagle face at each end. The lower Eagle head is upside-down.

Photographer and year unknown.

6. Doorway-Person or Half-Way-Out Pole of Gitemraldo.

The pole consists of a large human like figure, with a ceremonial entrance (for feasts) through the body. On top of the figure’s head is a crown of five small people called Lying-Outwards-in-Water or Small-Children.

Photograph on the left by G.T. Emmons, ca. 1912.

7. Pole of Lutkudzeeus.

Photograph below by C.M. Barbeau, 1926.

Textual information for this page: Barbeau, 1929.

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