Our Staff

Alanna Banta

What is your biggest strength that you bring to SFU camps? 

“Wherever I am, I fully invest in making the experience of those around me as meaningful as possible. This is especially true when I’m working with kids, as I try do everything with as much heart and enthusiasm as I can. This level of energy and dedication shows campers that I care about them and want to know what they’re interested in- even if I only end up knowing them for a few weeks. At the end of the day, it’s that connection that can make a difference in a child’s life”. 

Feature Posted: April 24th, 2018

Fawzan Hussain

What is your best memory from SFU camps?

"My best memory of SFU Camps was when I was part of the ESL Kids Camp Team. One year, I noticed that on the first day of camp there was a camper who knew a few words in English and he was very shy to participate in the class activities. I wanted to help him feel comfortable in the class environment, so I spent a bit more of my time in helping him in class activities, introducing him to other campers, encouraging him to participate in class activities and teaching him new English words if he did not know how to translate a word from Korean. By the end of the week, he was very confident, he actively participated in classroom activities and he spoke to his fellow campers with confidence. At the end of the camp, he gave me a paper crane and he taught me how to make an origami paper crane. At first, I was struggling to make the paper crane, but then he helped me with many of the creases and folds involved. The paper crane turned out very well and is still on my bookshelf today!"

Feature Posted: April 17th, 2018

Sarah Wells

“What is your biggest strength that you bring to SFU camps?

"I believe that my biggest strength is a combination of being able to connect with a wide variety of the kids, the creativity of planning weekly themes, and the organizational skills in order to pull it off. I built rapport with the majority of the campers that attended Clan Junior, and it made each week special. I was very proud of myself with being able to translate my creative ideas into workable activities and themes in an organized manner”.

Feature Posted: April 11th, 2018

Sebastian Mather

What is your favorite part about being a Head instructor/Instructor?

“I love working with a close team of staff and volunteers in job that is exciting every day. Receiving positive feedback from campers who enjoyed the camp or who you made a positive impact on, is one of the greatest rewards”. 

Feature Posted: April 3rd, 2018

Selena Doyle

What is your best memory from SFU camps? 

"My best memory from SFU camps, are all the conversations that I had with my campers on the school bus. I loved learning more about them, and watching them work so hard to communicate in English with me. It was also a great time to have a mini Disney-themed karaoke session!!” 

Feature Posted: March 27th,2018

Malcolm MacRitchie

What is your best memory from SFU Camps?  

"There are so many memories that it is hard to pick just one.  There was one time when the older kids were put into Clan Sports and none of the kids were strong enough to move them, so I pulled them underneath the parachute and after the game they said “teacher teacher so strong so strong”.  

Feature Posted: March 20th, 2018


Sonja Oliver

What is your biggest strength that you bring to SFU camps?

"I think that my passion for working with children, is the biggest strength that I bring to camps. Most of my experience is in one of the educational camps, and I really enjoy educating the campers in a fun and positive way. My main goal is to make sure the campers have the best possible experience, and I think the instructors and volunteers play a major role in that area".

Feature Posted: March 13th, 2018

Ernest Law

For returning Staff, what has brought you back to this job again?

"The work environment at SFU Camps can be relaxed even when it is hectic. I found it an enjoyable experience meeting my colleagues and working with my Co-Instructors even in the most hectic situations. Most of all, everyone contributed to each other and made each other better leaders whether they were aware of it or not. Finally, at the end of each day, we’d always make sure to remind the others that they all were essential to the team we were part of."

Feature Posted: March 6th, 2018

Ashley Osachuk


“One of my favourite memories from last year was going to the Aquarium 6 times. By the end of the summer, Ethan, Sierra and I could recite the entire 4D movie. One time in particular, we had a sing along on our way back”.

Feature Posted: February 27th, 2018

Yashil Babooram

What is your favorite part about being a Head instructor/Instructor? 

“My favorite part about being an Instructor, was the interactions with the campers. I did ESL kids and I got to meet kids from all over the world, and I found that to be really interesting. The campers were also amazing students, for the most part they were always happy during the camp and they were also very interested in learning English and interacting with us staff members. It was super fun getting to learn a little bit about the kid’s countries and how school worked in their country, and in return we taught them a little about Canada and how to speak English. I also really enjoyed being part of a team, because at SFU camps everyone is very supportive including, your fellow Instructors, Head Instructors and Programmers, and everyone was always available to help me and support me through Summer Camps.”

Feature Posted: February 20th, 2018

Hannah Davis


“Summer camp is an environment where children can participate in activities and games that are not available to them in their regular school year. With the wide range of camps offered, kids can explore niche subjects that are not regularly offered to them, such as Engineering, Rock Climbing, Dance, Fitness and so much more. Camps will also foster friendships, and allow children to express themselves and continue learning throughout the summer. I have really great memories from my time at summer camp, and strive to offer the same exciting and fun experiences as I had growing up.” 

Feature Posted: February 13th, 2018

Austin Shaw


"My favorite part of working as an Instructor is that I got the chance to work with so many inspiring people. The team environment at SFU Camps felt like one large family, and it made even the toughest days manageable. Everyone brings a can-do attitude to camps and I loved working with people who put in the 110%, but still know how to have fun doing it."

Feature Posted: February 6th, 2018

Liz Coady

What is your favorite part about being a Head Instructor/Instructor?

“My favourite part about being a Head Instructor how the position challenges you be creative, be a good mentor, and to have as much fun as you can.  Being a Head instructor for Engineering Camps was so fun because it pushed me to be creative in the ways I introduced campers to engineering.  Also, I learnt how to be a better leader and an effective mentor.  As the summer progressed, it was so rewarding to see the Instructors and Volunteers I worked with greatly improve their leadership abilities.”

Feature Posted: January 30th, 2018

Ethan Kazemir

What is your best memory from SFU camps? 

"One of my very enthusiastic, outgoing campers enjoyed performing for all the other campers. He would lip sync to music on the bus, do (respectful) impressions of the camp leaders, tell jokes, and just loved to make everyone laugh and have fun. He did an impression of me getting all the campers lined up to go on a field trip that was so good, the next day I let him get everyone in a line for me. He not only did a great job and succeeded at the task, but also had all of the campers and instructors laughing at the same time."

Feature Posted: January 23rd, 2018