How Do I Add a No Submission Gradebook Column?

You may want to add a column in the gradebook to show grades for something that is not submitted in Canvas such as an in-class mid-term or final exam.  To create a gradebook column, you need to create a no submission/on paper assignment. To do so, 

1. Click Assignments

2. Click + Assignment

3. Fill out the assignment name and due dates

4. Beside Submission Type, make sure you choose no submission from the pull down menu. The types of no submission and on paper function the same.  However, no submission could potentially cause confusion to studentst that they qre not required to do anything especially if it is an assignment that is to be submitted in hard copy format in class.

5. If you don't publish the assignment, it won't show up as a column in the gradebook.

6. Click Grades

You will now see the column in the gradebook.
You can input the grades directly into the gradebook,  use Speedgrader or upload a csv file


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