How do I create a peer review assignment?

You can manually assign or automatically assign peer reviews or discussions.

1. Click Assignments on the side navigation.

2. Click + Assignment

3. Enter the assignment details (assignment name, details and points etc).

4. Choose the submission type online. (Only online submission types are supported for peer review.)

5. Click the box beside Require Peer Reviews.

6. Choose whether to manually or automatically choose peer reviews. 

How to Manually Assign Peer Reviews

7. Choose Manually Assign Peer Reviews

8. Enter availability details.

9. Click Update Assignment.

10. Click Save or Save and Publish to save the assignment.

11. Click Peer Reviews on the right hand side.

12. Click + to give the student an assignment to review.

13. Select the student from the pull down menu.

14. Click Add.

Automatically Assigning Peer Reviews

1. Click beside Automatically Assign Peer Reviews

2. Choose the number of reviews each student will be required to complete.

3. Select a due date for student peer reviews. The assignment review dates must come after the assignment due date.

Assign Anonymous Peer Reviews

Click beside Peer Reviews Appear Anonymously if you want reviews to be anonymous. 

The student whose work has been reviewed cannot see the name of the reviewer. The reviewer will not be able to see the name of the person whose work is to be reviewed. Instructors can still view the name of the student reviewer.

 Optional: Add a Rubric for the student to fill out when reviewing

1. Click the Assignment.

2. Click Add Rubric if you would like students to fill out a rubric when completing peer reviews.


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