How do I set up a differentiated assignment?

When setting up an assignment, instructors can indicate whether an assignment should be assigned for everyone in the course, for specific sections, student groups or for individual students.

Only the section(s), student group(s) or student(s) that are specified in the assignment details will be able to view the assignment.

1. Click Assignments

2. Click the Add Assignment button

3.     Enter the Assignment details for the assignment:

  • the name
  • description
  • number of points

4.     Click the x beside everyone so you are able to enter a specific section or student

You will see a list of sections and students to choose from.

5. Choose a section or student. You can also type the name of the section as Canvas doesn’t show a complete list of sections. You can choose more than 1 section or student.

6.     Enter the availability dates for the assignment

7.     Click Add if you would like to add another section or student to the assignment with a different due date.

You will be able to add the section or student:

8. Click Save to save the assignment or Save and Publish to publish the assignment

You will see a warning message indicating you didn’t choose to direct your assignment to the whole class.

6.     Click Continue to go ahead and Save or Save and Publish the assignment.

In the gradebook, grade cells are greyed out for students who have not been included in the assignment. In the following assignment, only C Deep is assigned to the assignment:


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