Weighted vs Non-Weighted Grading

Portions of this documentation are also accessible via a Quickstart How-To Video:

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Before you set up your assignments, you should consider how you want to calculate your grades. 

Canvas supports assignment grading by weight. This means that each assignment group can be weighted and you can have each assignment worth a different value and all assignments under the group worth be worth a specified weighted value.

For example, you can have an assignment group worth 25% of the total grade and have 4 assignments under the assignment group each worth 10, 15, 20, 40 points.   All of these assignments together would be weighted at 25% of the final grade.

If you use weighted grading you will notice in the gradebook that the assignment groups created columns in the gradebook with the averages. These are just for information only and you cannot edit these boxes. 

If you are uploading your grades using a CSV, you will notice columns that are read only.

See How do I set up weighted grading? and How do I set up an Assignment Group? to set up weighted grading.

The other method is to have points equal to the weight.  If you choose this method, you dont need to set up any assignment groups. If your assignment is out of 20 points, then it is equivalent to 20% of the final grade.