Recordings Questions

Where do I find the recordings?

Click the icon in the top left corner of the Blackboard Collaborate schedule and choose recordings.

How can I share recordings with my students?

Recordings are accessible from the Recordings menu on the schedule - the same way you have accessed it.

How do I add a recording to modules or embed in a page?


Can i use the copy link option for recordings?

If you use copy link that url can be copied and shared to students outside the canvas shell so i don't advise using it.

Is chat recorded?

Yes, chat is recorded except the breakout rooms. However, you are able to anonymize chat messages by clicking beside anonymize chat messages in session settings when you set up the session and then the chat recording would be anonymized. (You could still see their names in the live session.)

How long does it take for recordings to show up under recordings?

It can take a couple of hours. The amount of time it takes depends on the length of the recording.

Are recordings downloadable?

To enable recording downloads, when you set up the meeting check beside Allow recordings downloads under session settings. However, if you do this all the students will be able to download the recordings.

I only want to be able to create a recording download for myself. I don't want students to be able to download the recordings.

There is a workaround here with only a minimal chance students will be able to download the recording.

1. Set up a session without recording downloads enabled

2. Wait until the recording is created

3. Enable recording downloads in session settings for that session

4. Download the recording

5. Disable recording downloads in session settings for that session once you downloaded the recording

Will my recordings be available for next term?

BB Collaborate has indicated the videos will never expire. In practice, it would be preferable you downloaded your recordings just in case at the end of the semester. Your recordings don't copy over through the recordings page so you would have to download them and then embed them in your next canvas course. See

Is the video of myself recorded?

If you are running a presentation through share files your video in the bottom left hand corner isn't recorded. If you are just showing your video with no slides it would be recorded.

Help! My recordings disappeared!

Are your recordings more than 30 days old? You actually have to search by date range to find them.

How can I disable the session/prevent other people from accessing it while I’m doing test recordings?”

Unfortunately there is no way to disable the session, however when you create the meeting you can disable audio, chat, video and whiteboard by clicking on the session settings link.

How do I determine who and when people have access to my recordings?/Is there a way to limit this access in any way?

Unfortunately there is no way to limit access.

Wondering if I can edit a recording and re-load it to BB Collaborate? Maybe edit in another program and then add it to my available recordings?

While you can edit a Blackboard Collaborate recording there is no way to upload it to Blackboard Collaborate. You would have to share it through canvas. See

Is there a way to record breakout rooms?

No, there is no way to record breakout rooms.


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