Role Questions (Participant, Moderator, Guest)

How do I make a TA a moderator?

If you make the TA a teacher in your canvas shell, they will automatically be made a presenter. If you don't want to make them a teacher in your shell, they would be made a participant. Then, in the session you could click the : beside their name and choose Make moderator.

How do I allow a student to make presentations?

In the session, click the : beside their name and choose Make presenter

How do I allow a guest speaker to access the session?

When you set up the session, give the guest speaker the guest link located under Guest Access. Then, once they are in the session click the : beside their name to make them a Moderator.

How do I make someone a captioner ?

To make someone a captioner, click the : to the right of their name in the participant list and choose make captioner. The captioner will be able to type text as they listen to the audio. See

Can I or my students change my name?

Unfortunately you can not change your name. However, you are able to anonymize chat messages in the recording for students by going to session settings when you create the session.

Can we restrict the students that will have access to the sessions?

Unfortunately there is no way to restrict students' access to the sessions.


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