Breakout Room Questions

What is a breakout room?

Breakout rooms enable you to divide your class into small groups with their own audio, video and whiteboard. Students are also able to share files and do application sharing.

How do I set up breakout rooms with random assignment?

How do I set up breakout rooms with custom assignment?

Can you record breakout rooms?

Breakout rooms aren't recorded.

Can you copy what is on the whiteboard in the breakout rooms to the main room?

The whiteboard can't be copied to the main room however a student could take a snapshot, you could make them a presenter by clicking the : beside their name and choose Make Presenter, then they could share the snapshot. (They could also email the snapshot to you.)

Can you communicate to the breakout rooms?

You can send a chat message from the main room to everyone and that will be viewed by everyone in the breakout rooms.

Can I share a presentation with the breakout rooms?



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