How do I embed a streaming video into Canvas?

This is a method to embed a video that is NOT hosted on a public streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo. If you are uploading a video that is not your own creation, be aware of privacy and copyright before doing so. 

Advanced Users Only

Please be aware that this is not an official Canvas supported process and could break after any of the Canvas updates. Please contact for further assistance if required.

This process is to insert a video into Canvas manually without a hosting service (ie Vimeo or YouTube). 


  • Make sure that the video file is already in Canvas files area

Step 1: Find the course code

  • Go to your course and note the URL 
  • This is your unique course code.
  • Copy and paste somewhere for later

Step 2:  Find the file code

  • To find the file code go to files area in your course
  • Click on the video file that you want to use  (do not download it)
  • Note the string of numbers after the text preview.
  • This is your file code
  • Copy and paste somewhere for later

Step 3:

  • Go to the HTML Editor mode of the Canvas object you are trying to insert the video into (Assignemnt, Quiz, Pages or Discussion)
  • Copy this piece of code into the HTML editor
  • Edit the course code and file code that you copied earlier accordingly.
  • Click SAVE when done


<p><audio><source src="/courses/<insert your course code>/files/<insert file code>/download" type="audio/mpeg" /></audio></p>


<p><br /><br /><audio src="/courses/<insert course code>/files/<insert file code>/download"></audio></p>

<p><br /><br /></p>

<hr />

<p><video width="320" height="240" controls="controls"><source src="/courses/<insert course code>/files/<insert file code>/download" type="video/mp4" data-api-endpoint="<insert course code>/files/<insert file code>/download" data-api-returntype="File" />

Your browser does not support the video tag.</video></p>

Step 4:

Here is your embeded video from student view


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