Engagement Strategies for Student Response Systems

Think-Pair-Share Activity This activity allows students individual, collaborative and presentation. To begin you would prompt students individual thinking with a prompt, question or concept that students to think about. Then you put the students into pairs or small groups to discuss the same problem with each another and one person from the group would use a Student Response System to respond and anonymously. You would lead a class discussion based on the results. 
Review concepts or previous class You ask student's feedback on the previous class or if you have just introduced a new concept to check the student's understanding and preparation for the class. 
Prepare students for new topics To prepare students for a new concept or chapter in your course, you can ask pre-lesson questions to see where student's prior learning knowledge is and help you guage where to start.
Use to check for understanding and feedback When introducing new concepts you can check in with students for their understanding especially or large and complex topics. It is also good to check in with students if you notice they look a bit unmotivated and a quick check in can enable you to adjust your lesson accordingly or make note of difficulties to plan into th next class as a review.
Crowdsource student opinions At the beginning of the semester, it is good to get an idea of the expectations students may have coming into the course. As well as getting some feedback on what students want to learn. If you can actually integrate some of their feedback into the course, students appreciate that their opinions and contributions being taken into account and heard.