How Do I Comply with Grade Reconsideration Policies?

SFU's grade reconsideration policy 2.25 states that: 

"2.2.5 The Instructor is responsible for maintaining clear records of the marks given, to weight those marks to establish a final grade, and to ensure those records and any student work retained (exams, essays, etc.) are kept for at least one year following the end of the semester. Where a student requests the reconsideration of a grade, the Instructor is responsible to retain records and student work for one year following the final resolution of that reconsideration."

In light of this policy, it is recommended that you keep your own copies of transactional student data (e.g. assignments, etc.) if possible. See How Do I Backup Transactional Data. You may, instead, chose to rely on Canvas storing the data, but if so be sure you check out: What Kind Of Access Do Instructors Have After A Course Concludes.

Prior to Fall 2015, students had the option of deleting any of their own files stored in their personal file area. They can no longer do this for files that are associated with assignment submissions. Therefore, you can be reasonably sure Canvas will archive assignments, but it may be more convenient to have backup copies available on your own machine.  

As of 2015, students are no longer able to remove their own files within their personal file area in Canvas if those files are associated with an assignment submission.



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