How do I add TAs to my course?

This documentation is also available via a How to Quickstart video: (Links to an external site.)

1. Click on the People link in the course navigation sidebar.

2. Click the Add People button in the right-hand corner.

3. You have the option of using an email address, login ID or SIS ID if it is a current SFU student or employee.

Note: If you use an alias (first name underscore last name eg. it would add the user as an external account. See

[1] Click the radio button to add the TA by their email address, log in ID or SIS ID

[2] Enter their email address, login ID or SIS ID

[3] Choose the role TA

[4] Choose the section. Add the TA to the default section

[5] Choose whether you want them to interact with those students in their section only. (For example, if you only want TAs to see the students from their section in the gradebook.)

[6] Click Next

5. Click Add Users to add the user or Start Over if you change your mind and don't wish to add the user.

You will  see the TA listed.


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