What are different states of Canvas for Instructors at the end of a course?

The default term dates for a credit course is the first day of the term until the last day before the first day of the next term. You can change these days manually by modifying the parameters through course settings. At SFU, there are three different states that your Canvas course can be in after the course ends. 

Active State

When a course is in active state the course is running and instructors have full access to all allowed aspects of the course.

Extended State

A course is in extended state is form the peroid of 4 months after the last day of the current term. In this state, instructors have close to full access to their course. However, you cannot add students, teachers, tas or course designers in this state. You also can't unpublish a course.

Important: Make sure you make any changes to your course when it is in this state as in the next state the content is read only.

Concluded State

A course enters its final state one semester after the course has ended. In this state, instructors have read-only privileges over their content.