Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate

What is Blackboard Collaborate Ultra?

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a web conferencing platform that allows you to deliver your lecture virtually along with interacting with your students in real time through chat, audio and video. 

How large a class can I run in Blackboard Collaborate?

We ran a class successfully of 200 students with few technical difficulties. 

Where do I create my Blackboard Collaborate session?

First, you need to add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to your Canvas course then you can create a session accessible through Canvas

How do I use Blackboard Collaborate?

Watch this video for an interface tour:

Where do I find moderator documentation?

How do I record a session?

Sessions are not recorded automatically and can't be recorded in advance. To record a session please click the menu link in the top left corner and choose start recording. Students can access recordings by clicking the menu link in the top left corner of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra page in Canvas.

What information can I give to students?

Direct them to

What if I need more help?

Click on How can We Help You at



Instructor inquiries

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