How do I Integrate iClicker 6x with Canvas?

Please note that you will be switching back and forth between your iclicker folder and canvas to perform these steps:

Step 1 Check you have the correct i>clicker software and integrate files

Check that you have the most up to date i>clicker software. The most up to date version is iclicker 6.4.2 and integrate for canvas (v1.3.3) You can download the files here:    (Links to an external site.)

  • Copy the files from the Win folder of i>clicker integrate into the Resources folder of your main i>clicker folder. 

Step II. Change your i>clicker course settings to Canvas

1. Double click iclicker.exe in your main i>clicker folder.

2. Select an existing course and click Choose or create a new one by clicking New, entering the Course Name and Course Number (Section Number not required), and clickingCreate.

3. If you just created a new course, select the course and click Choose.

4. Click My Settings.

5. Click the LMS/Reg tab at the top.

6. Select "Canvas" from the Learning Management System (LMS) option.

7. Click Set for Course.

8. Close the screen by clicking the X in the top right corner of the screen.

Step III. Integrate i>clicker with your Canvas course

1. Go to Canvas at

2. From within Canvas, select the course you want to integrate with i>clicker from the Courses menu.

3. Click Settings on the left hand course navigation menu.

4. Click the Apps tab.

5. Click View App Configurations.

6. Click Add New App.

You will see the following:

8. Enter i>clicker into Name [1], key into Consumer Key [2], and secret into Shared Secret [3].

9. Change the configuration type to "Paste XML."

10. Paste into Paste XML Here [5] the contents of this file: iClicker6 Integration XML File  (Click to download)

11. Click the Submit button [6]. 

12. If you do not see the i>clicker menu item in the course navigation menu to the left, click the Navigation tab beside Apps and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Step IV. Create an authentication token

1. In Canvas, click Settings in the global navigation menu on the top right menu.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Approved Integrations.

3. Click the New Access Token button.

4. Enter i>clicker into Purpose and leave expiration blank.

5. Click Generate Token.

6. Copy the token (the long string of random letters and numbers).

(Be sure to copy the entire token, scroll the window to the right if you need to)

7. Paste the token somewhere safe, such as notepad or a word document. You will need the token in later steps and will not be able to view or copy the token again.

8. Once the token has been pasted, close the popup by clicking the X in the top right corner of the popup window.

Step V. i>clicker integration administrator setup

1. Go back to your iclicker folder.

2. In the Resources folder of the main i>clicker folder, double click CMS Integrate Administrator Setup.exe.

3. Select "Canvas" from the dropdown menu, then click Next.

4. In Campus LMS URL: enter (make note of the s in https://)

5. Paste the authentication token from Canvas into Authentication Token.

6. Click Finish.

7. You should see a "LMS authentication successful" screen.

Click Exit.

Step VI. Enter the i>clicker security key into Canvas

1. Go back to your course in Canvas.

2. Click i>clicker on the left hand course navigation menu.

3. Click i>clicker Security Key.

4. Enter canvas123 into the Your Security Key field and click Submit.

Step VII. Download student roster into i>grader

1. Go back to your iclicker folder.

2. In the main i>clicker folder, run igrader.exe

3. Select your course and click Choose.

4. You should see a "Canvas Roster not found" prompt, click Download Roster.
(If you get a "Session Summary Instructions" prompt, you can click Close to close the prompt).

5. A window should appear (it may appear behind igrader).

7. Enter your login id for Canvas into Your Login ID, the authentication token from Canvas (that you copied) into Authentication Token, and canvas123 into Security Key.

8. Click Log In.

9. Choose your Course from the dropdown menu and click Import Roster.

10. It may take some time for the roster to be downloaded. Once it has completed, a "Download Complete" screen should appear. Click Restart i>grader.

11. Once i>grader has restarted, you should see the list of students from the course (student names appear in red if they have not registered a clicker).

Once students have registered, click sync to download the roster again.


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