What is Parti?

The Parti system allows students to use their mobile devices or laptops to capture and upload photos of their sketches, which are sorted and displayed in class as examples to facilitate discussion and critique.

What it can do:

By receiving students’ assignments in lecture, the instructor can respond immediately to the student’s submission, assess the level of skill and knowledge of the students, and help them to achieve educational goals of the course.

Current Example

Used in SIAT course to collect, display, and comment on digital submissions and so build expertise in understanding and applying design principles.

Benefits to students:

·   Engages students in class activities during lectures.

·   Uses pictures to support students’ understanding of design concepts.

·   Showcases concrete example that can inspire and direct student’s work.

·   Offers a real time solution that could help to save face-to-face class time.

Why would an instructor use Parti?

Parti could be of benefit to those who wish to show visual examplars of students work in class and provide formative feedback.

There are 5 steps to using Parti:

Step 1 Activate the Parti app in your course

Step 2 Create the Parti assignment

Step 3 Students submit the assignment

Step 4 Moderate Submissions

allows you to grade a student’s image. You can also choose whether you want to display the image to students through the Display Submissions section

Step 5 Display Submissions

enables you to display , highlight, draw and compare student images to the class

Please note that the images the students submit are anonymous to you and other students. However, if you choose to download the images to your computer you would see the student’s names associated with the images.

Step 6 Grade the submissions