Canvas Best Practices

Hide navigational links

  • Hide all navigational links that you do not intend to use in your course. 
  • Commonly hidden links include 
    • Collaborations, Rubrics, Syllabus, Files, Pages, Outcomes, Discussions, Buy Course Materials, Course Evaluations, Eval Reports, BB Collaborate Ultra, Course outline, Research help 

Hide file link on course sidebar

  • This prevents students from viewing your files in the course and that you don’t accidently release summative assessment information 

Update grade posting policy

  • The grade posting policy in Canvas is by default set at “automatic”.
  • This allows grades to be posted to students as soon as it is entered. It is recommended that you post the grades manually after you have entered all the grades for all students.
  • This needs to be done before you start any grading and is a best practice to make this part of your Canvas course setup checklist. 

Use modules 

  • Modules can quickly help you organize your content in an organized linear fashion for students to access

Hide/unhide content in modules

  • Don’t forget to publish module along with contents for students to view 

Use canvas course calendar 

  • This enables students to have a calendar view of all activities in each of their courses such lectures, due dates, to dos etc.

Review content before publishing 

  • It is a good idea to review your content before you publish to students. 
  • You can use the student view for simply viewing the course  
  • There are limitations of the use of student view for more complex operations such as submissions and simulating group work.

Advanced Options: Hide grade distribution graphs from students

  • You may want to prevent students from viewing the numeric statistical HIGH MED LOW grade for a specific assignment

Advanced Options: Hide Totals in student grades summary

  • You may not want to display the student’s running total for the final grade until you have finished calculating grades at the end of the semester or not at all if you are needing to curve grades

Feature Previews: Quiz Log Auditing

  • Enable quiz log auditing for advanced quizzing information about student’s activities for the duration of a quiz activity such as summative assessments



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