How do I customize my favourite courses?

You can customize the visibility of all the courses in your Courses drop-down menu.

Note: Courses are always listed alphabetically; you cannot reorder your courses manually.

1. In the Global Navigation menu, click on Courses and then click on All Courses

2. A list of all the courses you own will be listed on this menu.

Click the star next to a course to add or remove the course from the Courses drop-down menu. Courses with yellow stars indicate a favourite course and are included in the Courses and Groups drop-down menu. You can toggle the stars to favourite or unfavourite a course. You can only favourite current courses.

Your favourite courses will appear in your Courses and Groups drop-down menu after you make your selection(s).

Note: You can see all your present, past, and future courses by clicking the View All or Customize link. You will only see future courses if the start date is in the future and you have been enrolled in the course.


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