How do I set my notification preferences?

On the Notifications page you can set notification preferences that will apply to all of your courses. If you want to set a notification for a specific course, click the View Course Notifications button on the right hand side of your course home page.

  1. Before you can set your Notification Preferences, you will need to set the ways you want to be notified. Make sure you added all of the email addresses and text message numbers that you want to use in the Settings page. (See: How Do I set my personal settings and profile page?)

  2. Click Account
  3. Click Notifications

Then for each notification row and contact method, you can decide when the notification will be sent out for that type of alert by clicking the icon.

  • By selecting the Checkmark icon, you will be immediately notified of any change for the activity.
  • By selecting the Clock icon, you will be notified daily of any change for the activity.
  • By selecting the Calendar icon, you will be notified weekly of any change for the activity.
  • By selecting the X icon, you will remove the notification preference and will not be notified of any change for the activity.

How do I set up notifications for discussions?

Under notifications check off Discussion Post.

Once you set up the discussion post notification there is an additional step: you must subscribe to the discussion:

1. Open your course in Canvas and choose discussions on the left-hand navigation bar.

2. When you choose the discussion you want to be notified of, subscribe to it clicking on the icon below. This follows the publish/unpublish button on the right (please do not unpublish the discussion). Once this is checked off, you will receive a notification every time a student posts a discussion message to that discussion.


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