How do I customize my Canvas settings

To customize your Canvas account,

1.Click Account

2. Click Profile

On the Settings page you can update your name, add Web Services, and additional Ways to Contact you.

How do I edit my name?

  • To edit your name, click the Edit Settings button on the right, make your changes, then click Update Settings to save your changes.

How do I register a web service?

  • To register a web service, click the service below Other Services and follow the instructions. Each service has a description when you click on it.
  • Registering web services make it easier for other students to contact you or to share in Canvas.

Adding additional ways to contact

  • To add additional Ways to Contact you, click either Add Email Address or Add Contact Method to add an email or text message number.
  • By adding additional email addresses or text message numbers, you can have Canvas send important notifications to you wherever you are.

Profile page

On the Profile page you can update your profile picture, which registered services are visible to others, your bio, and add links.

1. Click on Profile in left-hand side bar. 

2. Click Edit Profile on the right to get started.

  • Click the placeholder image to upload a new profile pic.
  • Edit your name or title
  • Check which contact methods you'd like to be visible to others on you profile 
  • Tell everyone a little about yourself by entering it into the Bio field 
  • Add links for others to see by entering the name of the link into Title and the URL into URL
  • Once you're done, click Save Profile at the bottom right.

Use High Contrast Styles

For accessibility, you can scroll down the settings page to the Feature Options heading. You can enable high contrast styles, which increases the color contrast of text and images on your computer screen to make them more distinct and easier to identify.  

To use High Contrast Styles, click the On button next to the feature option. You may need to refresh your browser for the option to take effect.