How do I export my grades from Canvas?

You can download scores from the Gradebook as a CSV file.

1. Click on Grades in the course navigation sidebar.

2. Click Export.

3. Before uploading this file to the Grade Roster page within SIMS (, please ensure that it contains the correct data and is saved as an acceptable file format. Unfortunately, currently there is no direct export from Canvas that can be readily uploaded into SIMS. Please refer to full instructions on the grade submission process for SIMS found here:

The CSV download includes read-only columns displaying current and final scores. These columns display for each assignment group in a course and for final course grades.

  1. Current Points: Reflects points for graded assignments
  2. Final Points: Reflects points for all assignments
  3. Current Score: Reflects scores for graded, posted assignments
  4. Unposted Current Score: Reflects scores for graded assignments and includes hidden assignments
  5. Final Score: Reflects overall score including unsubmitted assignments as zero but excluding hidden assignments
  6. Unposted Final Score: Reflects total score, including unsubmitted assignments as zero and hidden assignments
  7. Current Grade: Reflects course grade based on graded, posted assignments
  8. Unposted Current Grade: Reflects course grade based on graded assignments, including hidden assignments but excluding unsubmitted assignments
  9. Final Grade: Reflects overall course grade including unsubmitted assignments as zero but excluding hidden assignments
  10. Unposted Final Grade: Reflects overall cour

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