Gradebook Policy FAQ

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I want to hide grades from students. What do I do?

To hide grades from students, you need to change the gradebook policy from an automatic policy to a manual policy. To do this:

1. Click the : beside the column header

2. Choose Grade posting policy

3. Choose Manually

How will I know grades are hidden?

It will say manual if you have applied a manual policy. Please note that grades are still visible if you had entered grades before the posting policy was set to manual. See instructions on how to hide these grades in the next section.

Once you begin entering grades, you will see the following black eye icon. It will also say Hidden in speed grader.

I've hidden grades from students by choosing manually but some students are saying that they can still see their grade.

If you have started entering grades when the gradebook policy was automatic, those students will still see their grades when you change it to a manual policy. You will need to click the : beside the column header and choose Hide grades.

I've changed the policy from manually to automatic and students still can't see their grades.

There is an additional step where you need to post grades. To do this, click the : beside the column header and choose Post grades. After you post grades students will be able to see their grades and receive a notification.

Is there a way I can set the default to manually?


1. Choose the gear in the far right corner of the gradebook

2. Choose the Grade Posting Policy tab

3. Choose Manually post grades

4. Choose Update

What is the difference between muting grades and a manual gradebook policy?

When grades were muted in the previous version of the gradebook, existing and newly entered grades would be hidden. In the new gradebook, if you've entered grades while the posting policy was set to automatic, those grades will remain visible even after changing the policy to manual. To hide all grades, choose "Hide grades" from the : beside the column header.



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