How do I import my spreadsheet to Canvas?

You can enter scores in a spreadsheet program and then upload scores back to the Canvas gradebook. First, you need to download your grades from canvas. See instructions here.

Important: Do not remove the first 5 columns from the csv file (student name, id, sis user id, sis login id, and section). If you remove any of these columns, the upload won't work. It is good practice to save the original spreadsheet you downloaded before making changes so you have a backup.

You have 2 options for uploading information:

Option 1: Create the assignment in canvas and enter the grades in the spreadsheet

Once you have entered the grades in the assignment column:

1. Click on Grades in the course navigation sidebar.

2. Click Actions

3. Click Import

4. Click Choose File

5. Choose the file from your computer

6. Click Upload Data

You will see the grades you are uploading.

7. Click Save Changes in the bottom right corner.

You will see the grades you entered in the gradebook.

Option 2: Create an assignment in a spreadsheet and upload it to canvas

1. Download your spreadsheet from Canvas. See instructions.

2. Copy and paste the first 5 columns of the downloaded spreadsheet into a new spreadsheet.

3. Create a new column in the spreadsheet and enter the grades. In this example, we created a new column named "Final Exam" that will be the new assignment in Canvas.

4. Save the spreadsheet as a csv file

5. Import the spreadsheet into the canvas gradebook by clicking Actions and then Import

6. Click Choose File

7. Choose the file from your computer

8. Click Upload Data

You will see the following:

9. Choose A new assignment from the pull down menu

10. Enter the number of points possible

11. Click Continue

You will see confirmation of the grades you are uploading.

You will see the column in the gradebook.

Note the gradebook includes posted and unposted gradebook columns:


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