How do I use the course outline LTI?

The Course Outline LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) is a tool that has been developed by SFU to facilitate the process for linking your official SFU course outline to your Canvas course shell. If you would like to link your SFU course outline to your course shell, follow the steps below.

The Course Outline LTI is found on the left-hand navigation menu, but is hidden by default. In order to make the menu item visible, click on Settings on the left-hand navigation bar.

Once the course settings loads, click the Navigation [1] tab on the top of the page. Click and drag the Course Outline [2] menu item from the hidden items (grey) area into the visible items (blue) area.

Once the Course Outline menu item has been moved, it will change from grey to blue.

Once you have clicked Save, you will see Course Outline on the left-hand navigation menu.

Click Course Outline on the left-hand navigation menu. When the Course Outline menu item loads, you will see your official SFU course outline that is linked to your course.


Page modified on

December 05, 2021