What Can I Do With a Degree In...?

Your choice of major does not define you because your major does not tell the whole story. Your skills and knowledge, talents and interests, and what is important to you, and how you want to be in the world are also part of your story. This information is key to figuring out what you may want to do with your degree.

The value of your major is in the multiple career possibilities open to you. Some of the options you may be considering now will look different by the time you graduate. So, start exploring career options related to your major, and other majors; these may provide you with more opportunities.

Now is the time to be curious, open-minded, and to watch for clues to help you make informed initial decisions that you are both confident and excited about.

Focus on what might be possible using the resources provided here, ask questions, and commit to taking action. In the process you  may discover how far and wide your degree will take you; the challenges you want to tackle; and where and how you want to make a contribution.

Explore Opportunities in Your Area of Study

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