Skills in Nuclear Science


  • Communicate ideas clearly and efficiently in a variety of mediums through listening, clarifying, and responding comprehensively 
  • Read critically and write persuasively with a comprehensive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary
  • Explain complex concepts and theories to others
  • Write concise technical reports and essays

Problem Solving and Critical Analysis

  • Use critical thinking skills to evaluate and solve problems, demonstrating the ability to be creative and innovative in identifying solutions 
  • Analyze complex textual and cultural phenomenon 
  • Develop critical observations and attention to detail

Situational Problem Solving

Solves situational problems related to statistics:

  • Decodes a situational problem
  • Shares information related to the solution
  • Models a situational problem
  • Validates the solution
  • Applies different strategies to work out a solution

Statistical Communication

Communicates by using statistical language

  • Is familiar with the statistical language
  • Interprets or produces statistical language
  • Makes connections between statistical language and everyday language

Information Management

  • Locate, gather and organize information using appropriate technology and information systems

Research and Information Gathering

  • Collect information with attention to detail
  • Employ various analysis research
  • Review and evaluate goals and policies
  • Gather information and use information resources 
  • Conduct and explain research results


  • Organizing ideas and materials in an effective way
  • Design, plan, organize and implement projects and tasks within an allotted timeframe

Statistical Reasoning

Reasons using mathematical and statistical concepts and processes

  • Defines the elements of statistical situations
  • Justifies actions or statements by referring to statistical concepts and processes
  • Mobilizes statistical concepts and processes appropriate to the given situation
  • Applies statistical processes appropriate to the given situation