Skills in Chemistry



  • Communicate ideas clearly and efficiently in a variety of mediums through listening, clarifying, and responding comprehensively

Problem Solving and Critical Analysis

  • Use critical thinking skills to evaluate and solve problems, demonstrating the ability to be creative and innovative in identifying solutions
  • Analyze complex textual and cultural phenomenon Develop critical observations and attention to detail

Project Management

  • Set priorities and handle multiple assignments and tasks
  • Be flexible by adapting to changing conditions and work assignments


  • Organizing ideas and materials in an effective way
  • Design, plan, organize and implement projects and tasks within an allotted timeframe


  • Laboratory techniques and experience
  • Ability to organize and interpret scientific data
  • Understand and express complex technical information
  • Mathematical proficiency
  • Research, analysis, and problem solving abilities
  • Proficiency with computers and scientific instruments
  • Aptitude for accuracy of details
  • Knowledge of safety protocols and procedures
  • Operate scientific equipment
  • Ability to make critical observations & appropriate decisions
  • Skills in testing materials & products to determine reactions interactions & potential hazards
  • Plan, conduct, document & clearly explain and present scientific research
  • Senstivity to the health & safety of others