Skills in French



  • Conveys information through excellent written communication skills in French
  • Orally presents and shares information in a variety of settings
  • Listens and understands what others speaking the language are saying
  • Reads an assortment of French media and comprehends what is being told


  • Finds patterns in writing and fixes errors that are found
  • Develops a strong aptitude for the language and its grammatical rules
  • Creates well-researched documents with thorough knowledge of the language 


  • Discover aspects of Francophone culture, both in Canada and abroad
  • Learn more about French literatures and linguistics
  • Analyze and interpret a number of sources in different media

Public Speaking

  • Deliver well-rounded verbal presentations in various settings
  • Practice knowledge of the language in spoken form
  • Build confidence through a number of presentations to a variety of different people


  • Be able to rely on oneself to effectively solve problems
  • Rely on one's own knowledge of the language to effectively communicate on a possible exhcange program, or on a teaching practicum in a francophone environment
  • Be confident enough with the language to achieve success both at a school and at a professional level

Understanding of Social and Cultural Perspectives

  • Practices and broadens your linguistic skills with local French speakers, or by going to France, Quebec, or a francophone part of the world
  • Delivers projects and reports while also taking cultural sensitives into account
  • Creates strong networks and friendships through awareness of social perspectives

Problem Solving and Critical/Creative Thinking

  • Use cultural understanding to solve problems that may arise for a variety of reasons
  • Form a well-researched methodology of dealing with problems
  • Be proactive and solve problems before they become larger issues
  • Regularly find new solutions to old problems by thinking 'outside the box'
  • Reflect on what is being communicated in a conversation setting, work setting, and more
  • Apply what has been learned in a variety of non-traditional ways (jobs, volunteer roles, etc.)

Interpersonal Abilities and Teamwork

  • Work effectively with individuals from a number of different backgrounds and experience levels
  • Demonstrate leadership in a team setting, enhancing the team overall
  • Constantly find ways to improve projects that are worked on as a team