Theatre Production



  • Seeing, drawing, and understanding form
  • Mastering the use of color, space and line
  • Relating abstract ideas and visual forms
  • Visualizing shapes and spatial relationships
  • Utlizing theories of composition


  • Creating and performing dances, plays, theatre pieces
  • Knowing the qualities and limitations of each medium
  • Working with a variety of media
  • Attaining a high level of Craftsmanship
  • Good finger and manual dexterity
  • Working independently


  • Criticizing, evaluating, and explaining works of art



  • Explain concepts
  • Ask open-ended, probing questions to understand others views
  • Use active listening in one-on-one and group communication
  • Conduct informative presentations that effectively build rapport with and engage the audience

Problem Solving and Critical Analysis

  • Use critical thinking skills to evaluate and solve problems, demonstrating the  ability to be creative and innovative in identifying solutions 
  • Analyze complex textual and creative phenomenon 
  • Develop critical observations and attention to detail

Interpersonal Abilities and Teamwork

  • Establish good relations with the people you work with as well as respecting individual differences
  • Work well with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Work effectively within a group, demonstrating leadership
  • Monitoring the success of a project and identifying ways to improve it


  • Organize ideas and materials in an effective way
  • Design, plan, organize and implement projects and tasks within an allotted timeframe

Project Management

  • Set priorities and handle multiple assignments and tasks
  • Be flexible by adapting to changing conditions and work assignments

Persuading, Negotiating, and Influencing

  • Develop a line of reasoned argument and backing up points with logic
  • Being able to persuade others and negotiate an agreement
  • Handle objections 


  • Gather information and use information resources 
  • Collect data, assess and evaluate results in a systematic manner