The Career Peer Educators coach students in their career journey by providing practical tools and resources. After receiving training in building resumes, cover letters, interview skills, and finding jobs on campus, the Peers then provide one-on-one consultations with SFU students, helping them create their best job applications.

As a member of the team, Career Peers also have the opportunity for growth in other areas. They can attend outreach events; develop outreach programs and marketing strategies; write blog articles; co-facilitate workshops; and be mentored by SFU staff.

For the full volunteer description, please click here. 

  • Build valuable relationships with SFU students and staff
  • Provide a meaningful service to other students
  • Have opportunities for experience in your interests: event planning, recruitment and marketing, networking, social media
  • Enhance your communication and leadership skills in both individual and group settings
  • Learn how to craft an amazing cover letter and resume, as well as excel in interviews
  • Have an influence on career support in the SFU community

Please apply to our volunteer posting using myInvolvement. Apply by February 18th to be guaranteed an interview!

Opportunity ID:  4305

1) After clicking the myInvolvment link, click 'Login' under the students section of the site. You will be prompted to sign in using your SFU student ID. 

2) Click 'Opportunities' found in the menu bar on the left side of the screen.

3) Under 'Getting Involved' click 'View'

4) On the right side of the page, fill in the Opportunity ID number (4305) in the search bar and search for our opportunity

5) Follow the instructions of our application page

If you have any issues with this application process, you can also fill in our application form and send in the required documents via email to