How to Prepare for the Fair

10 tips to optimize your success at mini BIG Fair:

  1. Consider volunteering at mini BIG Fair! Join our team of Fair Ambassadors for a great experience and many benefits.

  2. View the list of participating exhibitors in the Exhibitor List on one of the ribbons above.

  3. Use the Exhibitor List and other resources to research the companies, organizations, and graduate schools/professional programs that you are interested in visiting.

  4. See if there are any job postings available. If so, target your resume appropriately to hand out during the event day. (See a Career Advisor for resume help.)

  5. Once you RSVP in Eventbrite, you will receive an email confirmation.  A couple weeks prior to the fair, we will send you a Do's & Don'ts Tips Sheet for preparation.

  6. Practice how to introduce yourself to an employer (see our Do's & Dont's list or book a "Networking" advising appointment with Career Services). Check out this video for some ideas: The Career Fair (Elevator) Pitch.

  7. Dress to impress! Although you may not need to dress formally for classes that day, we recommend that you arrive at the event in business wear (nice pants and shirt - avoid jeans and t-shirts). Look professional, enthusiastic and stay positive.

  8. During mini BIG Fair, participate in our various social media contests and campaigns on Twitter & Facebook. More details to come! #SFUfairs

  9. Update and review your resume and cover letter. Before the event contact and book an appointment with the Career Services.

  10. Need further career related help? Make an appointment with a Career Advisor for one-on-one advising, please call the Career Centre at 778-782-3106.


Unsuspecting Simon Fraser University students are lured in with the promise of free chocolate... only to face more than they had bargained for!  This highly viewed youTube video was originally created for the 2013 BIG Fair.