CARMHA Research Seminars

Patients’ rights and BC’s Mental Health Act: Current issues in policy and practice

Presenter: Dr. Iva Cheung
: September 6, 2019
: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
: SFU Harbour Centre, Room 2050


BC’s Mental Health Act has provisions to safeguard the rights of involuntary patients, who lose their freedom and their ability to make decisions about their psychiatric care. But a recent investigation by the BC Office of the Ombudsperson found that the mental health system has done a poor job of following those provisions. In this talk I’ll discuss:

  • why rights are an important part of patients’ treatment and recovery,
  • how patients want to learn about their Mental Health Act rights,
  • what clinicians have identified as facilitators and barriers to giving patients rights information,
  • how the BC Office of the Ombudsperson’s report—and its 24 recommendations—might affect policy and practice, and
  • how recent attention on the Mental Health Act gives us a policy window to explore new research directions and effect practice change. 

Brief Bio:

Iva Cheung joined CARMHA in 2014 as a PhD student and completed her degree in July 2019. Her research interests include plain language, health literacy, and knowledge translation.