Mark Tyndall

  • Adjunct Professor
  • Clinical Professor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
  • Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia


BSc  - University of Waterloo
MD  - McMaster University
ScD – Harvard University


Dr. Mark Tyndall is a Professor at the UBC School of Population and Public Health. He is an infectious diseases specialist and epidemiologist with a focus on urban health, drug use and harm reduction. He was formerly the Executive Director of the BC Centre for Disease Control and the Deputy Provincial Health Officer. He is an author on over 280 peer-reviewed publications, and was co-lead investigator on the evaluation of Insite, North America’s first supervised injection site.  His current work includes innovative solutions to prevent overdoses and the adverse health outcomes of drug use. Dr. Tyndall is a strong advocate and leader for public health in Canada and has fostered a number of community-based collaborations that have led to health policy changes. 

Research Interests

Dr. Tyndall’s current research and advocacy focus is the drug poisoning epidemic that is sweeping across North America.  Building on years of clinical experience and research work in harm reduction, the main goal is to establish a safer drug supply and work to change drug policy.  One of the innovations is the introduction of MySafe, a biometric dispensing machine for low barrier access to a safe drug supply.