Jill Murphy

  • Post Doctoral Fellow / Research Director


Jill received her PhD from the Faculty of Health Sciences in July 2016. Her areas of research interest include global health, global mental health, cross-cultural approaches to mental health, mental health services delivery, and research partnership ethics. Jill has a Master of Arts in International Development Studies and, prior to embarking on her PhD, Jill worked as a research officer for the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research where she was involved in projects related to building and sustaining equitable global health research partnerships, health research capacity development and the development of health research systems in low and middle-income countries. She also worked as a researcher and community outreach coordinator for the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership, where she contributed to the development of a multi-sectoral strategy to improve immigrant settlement and integration in Ottawa.

Jill’s PhD research explores barriers and facilitators to the integration of depression services in primary healthcare in Vietnam by examining cultural conceptualizations of depression and individual, organizational, and structural factors influencing service integration.

Jill is the Research Director for the Mental Health in Adults and Children- Frugal Innovations project, helping to coordinate research and implementation activities in Vietnam related to task-shifting for common mental disorders among adults and children.

Featured Publications

Abrams, D., Nguyen, L.T., Murphy, J., Lee, Y., Tran, N.K., Wiljer, D. (2016). Perceptions and experiences of perinatal mental disorders in rural, predominantly ethnic minority communities in northern Vietnam. International Journal of Mental Health Systems.  10:10. DOI 10.1186/s13033-016-0043-0.

Murphy, J., Goldner, E.M., Goldsmith, C., Oanh, P.T., Zhu, W., Corbett, K., and Nguyen, V.C. (2015). Selection of depression measures for use among Vietnamese populations in primary care settings: a scoping review. International Journal of Mental Health Systems.  9:31. DOI: 10.1186/s13033-015-0024-8  

Murphy, J., Hatfield, J., Afsana, K., and Neufeld, V. (2015) Making a Commitment to Ethics in Global Health Research Partnerships: A Practical Tool to Support Ethical Practice. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. DOI: 10.1007/s11673-014-9604-6

Lee, K., Zappelli, R., Goldner, E.M, Nguyen. V.C., Corbett, K.K., Murphy, J. (2015) The political economy of mental health in Vietnam:  Key lessons for countries in transition.  Asia and Pacific Policy Studies. 2(2), 266-279.

Berry, N., Murphy, J. and Cosser, L. (2014) Empowerment in the Field of Health Promotion: Recognizing Challenges in Working toward Equity. Global Health Promotion. 21(4), 35-43. DOI: 10.1177/1757975914528725

Murphy, J., Afsana, K., Kumar, A., Assefa, A., Larrea, ML., Habte, D., Hatfield, J., and Neufeld, V. (2012) “Ethical Considerations of Global Health Partnerships” in Global Health Ethics Upshur, R. and Pinto, A. eds, Routledge: London. 

Research Projects