Patrick Lombardo

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow


Dr Patrick Lombardo is a clinical researcher interested in mental health and substance use, with a particular focus on the role of primary health care providers in the system of care.

Patrick is a trained medical doctor specializing in General Internal Medicine in Switzerland. Patrick has received commendation for his work in mental health in his home country, recently being awarded the “College of Primary Care Medicine (CMPR) Prize”, a Swiss research prize recognizing high quality research to advance primary care. This award recognized Patrick’s contribution to improve primary care for patients with depression and its early detection via a study performed at the Academic Institute of General Medicine (IUMG), Switzerland.

In addition to his research expertise, Patrick has extensive clinical expertise in out-patient services in acute and long-term care, working with diverse populations such as; migrants, prisoners, patients with severe mental disorders and substance use disorders, and other populations with poor access to health care.

Patrick is currently working on a research project focused on the determinants of subjective well-being in the Canadian population, he is also involved in a number of collaborative research projects with the Psychiatric Department at St-Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver. Patrick’s research contributions at CARMHA are supported by grants from; Swiss National Science Foundation, the Vaud Academic Society and the Swiss University Conference.

Featured Publications

Lombardo P, Vaucher P, Haftgoli N, Burnand B, Favrat B, Verdon F, Bischoff T, Herzig L: The 'help' question doesn't help when screening for major depression: external validation of the three-question screening test for primary care patients managed for physical complaints. BMC Med 2011, 9:114

Research Projects