Wayne Jones

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Email: wjones@sfu.ca
Tel: 778-782-5217


Mr Wayne Jones joined the Mental Health Evaluation & Community Consultation Unit (MHECCU) in October, 1999, moving to CARMHA in 2006.  Prior to this he spent over 6 years with the Hospital Planning and Development Department of the Greater Vancouver Regional Hospital District. Specific projects included the analysis and modelling of hospital utilization data in the areas of acute care, psychiatry, day surgery, rehabilitation, medical care, cardiology, and inter regional referral patterns. He has also worked at the University of British Columbia, implementing patient record systems at the Dental Clinic and Student Health Services as well as system modelling and data analysis for the Division of Health Systems. 

With MHECCU and now CARMHA, Mr Jones has worked on the development and implementation of performance and quality indicators for the BC mental health system. He has also made extensive use of province wide administrative data to examine the prevalence and distribution of mental disorders within BC. Current research activities include the development of models of the mental health system and the exploration of the use of pharmacological data in the understanding of the treatment of individuals with mental disorders. 

Throughout his career, he has served as a design and statistical analysis consultant to a number of research and evaluation projects in various health and psychology disciplines.  Research interests include the prediction of future utilization patterns based on past trends and public policy, measurement issues, and the development of evaluation protocols in real life clinical settings. 


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Featured Publications

Fischer B., Jones W., & Rehm J, High correlations between levels of consumption and mortality related to strong prescription opioid analgesics in British Columbia and Ontario, 2005 – 2009. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, Vol 22:4 2013, p 438-442.

Fischer B., Jones W., Krahn M, & Rehm J, Differences and over-time changes in levels of prescription opioid analgesic dispensing from retail pharmacies in Canada, 2005–2010. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, Vol 20:12 2011, p 1269-1277.

Goldner EM, Jones W, & Fang ML.  Access to and waiting time for psychiatrist services in a Canadian urban area: a study in “real-time”. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry Aug;56(8), 2011 p.474-80.

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Goldner, EG, Jones, W, and Waraich, P.  Using Administrative Data to Analyze Prevalence and Distribution of Schizophrenic Disorders.  Psychiatric Services, 2003, 54, 1017–1021.  

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