Service Canada Clients with Mental Illness

Building on currently available research information, the goal of this study was to gain a fuller understanding of Service Canada clients with mental illness issues.  This included the identification of the proportion of clients with various types of mental illness, their service delivery experience, and the exploration of service delivery actions that could be taken to assist people with mental illness. 

In addition to an extensive relevant literature review, this research focused on two objectives:

  1. To determine the portion of people by type of mental illness who apply for, and receive benefits from Service Canada programs. 
  2. To identify the portion of people with mental illness who have difficulty accessing and receiving Government of Canada programs and services, and whether they make up a disproportionate share of the population relative to other disability groups. 

The literature review is presented in nine subsections.  The first six subsections focus on the prevalence, burden, and severity of mental illness, the difference between the working and non-working mentally ill, workplace accommodation, and types of mental illness and effects.  The review moves onto two subsections devoted to issues of accessing and obtaining disability payments, and other issues faced by people with a mental illness.  The final subsection presents a summary of key points of particular relevance to Service Canada.


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