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In keeping with the conference theme, Collaborative Conversations, we have invited speakers we believe will spark conversation. In addition to sessions discussing funding options and financial wellness, which are integral to professional development within the field, we have invited presenters who will speak about successful collaborative efforts. 

Keynote speakers

Speakers (alphabetical list)

The Challenge of Innovation in Post-Secondary Education — Dr. Kris Magnusson


Dr. Kris Magnusson joined the Faculty of Education at SFU as Dean in 2009, after 21 years at the Universities of Calgary and Lethbridge. His academic work focuses on counselling psychology and career development, and he was the 2006 recipient of the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Development.

He is a two-term Chair of the Association of BC Deans of Education, and led the development of the ACDE Accord on Internationalization in Education. 

Session Description

Students in the 21st century want educational experiences that reflect the realities of their world in all of its challenges and opportunities. Post-secondary institutions play a pivotal role in preparing learners for those changes, but they must adapt if they hope to be relevant. Dr. Magnusson will set a context for learning in the 21st century, identify conceptual shifts confronting institutions, and describe 4 fundamental challenges facing learners that institutions will need to address.

How to increase access to Postsecondary Education (PSE) — Doug Beech



Doug Beech is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about increasing access to post secondary education.

Session Description

Ensuring access to PSE for all qualified individuals is key to Canada’s future competitiveness and equally critical from an equity perspective. With this in mind, Doug co-founded Twinbro Local Leaders in 2005 with his twin brother Terry, a non-profit volunteer organization that provides high schools with presentations to students, parents and scholarship counsellors.

Twinbro aims to help low-income, first-generation and under-represented students access PSE by providing the tools necessary to overcome common motivational, informational and financial barriers. To date, Twinbro has helped over 35,000 students win millions of dollars in scholarships without a single dollar of public or private funding (this was not by choice or for a lack of trying). Doug and Terry also co-founded, a global graphic design marketplace that has created over 222,000 designs for clients in 142 countries.

Doug’s presentation will attempt to spark innovative conversations by proposing how we can work together to build a more competitive country by improving access to PSE.


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