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A Debt-Free Graduate in the New Financial Milieu?

Presenter: Murray Baker


Murray Baker is a leading North American authority on student financial planning and author of the bestseller, The Debt Free Graduate: How to Survive College or University Without Going Broke (HarperCollins). The book was #3 on the Toronto Star Bestseller list and is now in its 13th edition, with over 190,000 copies sold.  Murray frequently addresses students, parents, educators and financial professionals and has done over 400 media interviews. Formerly Coordinator, First Year Programs, U.W.O., Murray has also written a U.S. edition and contributed to several financial and higher education publications.

Session Description

Twenty years after the first edition of  The Debt-Free Graduate  was published, students still face the daunting task of funding their education with as little, or no debt, as possible. Citing research, observations and including discussion, the session will explore how the student financial landscape has changed during that time: How student expenses and needs have changed, new financial challenges they face, and the implications of this changing landscape on both a personal and macro level. Most importantly: How can we best tailor financial education to meet these changing needs and challenges?

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